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  Horseman mini Naadam Festival

Horsemen Mini Naadam Festival

  1. Date 2012-03-20


    Horsemen Mini Naadam Festival "2016"

    mini naadamDate: 25 and 26 August, 2017

    Venue: Ar Burd Sand Dune, The Nearest Gobi, Tuv province


         Day 1

    The event includes many interesting traditions such as wrestling, usually with 32 wrestlers, horse racing, archery, ankle-bone shooting and horseherders’ competitions.

    We will watch:

    ·         Racing horses moving to the start point

    ·         Start of the wrestling

    ·         Ankle-bone shooting competition

    After the horserace, the winner is awarded with an honorary title while five runners-up are awarded with medals.

    Lunch at 13.00


    We watch the wrestling and archery finals at the main showground.

    The Horseherders’competition includes many interesting traditions such as horse-breaking, horse-catching, picking up a horse-catching pole when galloping, and craftsmen hand-making leather straps and rope. You will get acquainted with Mongolian saddles and watch performances from great horsemen.You will be offered a Mongolian Khor-Khog (Mutton Barbecue) with locals and participate in the nomads’feast.


         Day 2 - Nature trip

    We drive into The Baga Zorgol Hairhan Mountains and view the Zorgol Hairhan giant rock formations in the distance. They are several hundred meters high, and are the central feature in the middle of the steppe.

    You can scan the ridges of this spectacular rock wall for Siberian ibex (Capra sibirica), Argali sheep, deer, gazelle, and some birds of prey. In Khariin Huur you can see several species of water-birds.

    Lunch: a traditional Mongolian Khor-Khog (Mutton barbecue)

    In the afternoon, we will acquaint you with the local nomadic lifestyle still practised since ancient times. You can watch how locals milk a mare, and watch as themilk is processed into the national beverage Airag,  which you will have the chance to taste. Also you will try your hand at making nomadic dairy products.

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