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  Yak Festival

Yak Festival "2016"

  1. Date 2012-06-28


    yak festival

    "Yak Festival 2016"
           In Mongolia,  the yak plays an important part in supporting local livelihoods. Yaks are used  to transport people and cargo, warm clothes are made from their wool, their  milk, and meat provides food, and even their dung is used for fuel. While yaks  are dependable domesticated animal, they are also surprisingly fast runner, especially  in sprints. In Mongolia, yaks races are popular form of local entertainment. These  races are an indispensable part of festival, such as the Yak Festival that  takes place in Uvurkhangai In July. Apart from yak races, there are yak rodeos,  milking competitions and even a yak beauty contest.
    Tens of  hundreds people, in colorful attire, gather in the center of the steppes. The  pitch tents and enjoy the joyous market atmosphere and the excitement of the  competitions. Yaks have not been domesticated to such an extent as horses, so  they can be quite unpredictable. Many yak races have ended at places other than  the finish line, since a yak can decide to stop and eat or go off in a  completely different direction. But these surprises are what make the yak races  so interesting. The point after all, is to have fun anf winning isn’t the main  priority at all.
    This festivity  which will takes place in the central region of Mongolia, also offers us all  the opportunity to discover authentic Mongolia, as you imagine. You evolve  through the vast luxuriant steppes where can observe the numerous scenes of the  rural life. Between yurts and herds, canyon and waterfalls, you progress in the  discovery of the heritage of this region considered as the real cradle of Mongolian  Steppe.
    Day 1 (22th july) : Ulan-bator – Orkhon Valley
    07:00 Departure from the front square of  National assembly of traditional son and dance. We leave to the west in order  to reach Orkhon Valley, where will held the Yak festival. On the road we will  stop in the Elsen Tasarkhai sand dune, in the Khugnu Khan Natural Reserve, for  a lunch time. We will arrive at our destination in late evening. Overnight in  tent or in yurt of nomadic host family.
     Day 2 (23 july): Yak festival
    Gathering at Undur Khyasaa, where will held  the Yak festival. The event will start at 12:00. Apart from seeing yak races,  yak rodeos and yak polo, you can even participate in competitions intended for  the tourists. For example: the competition to memorize the color of the yaks  and name it, various traditional games of ankle bones etc. Overnight in tent or  in yurt of nomadic host family.
    Day 3 (24 july) : Orkhon valley – Oulan-Bator
    Early morning the bus will pick you up from  the place where you are stayed. Lunch pause near the Sansar village, in a  highway restaurant. Arrival in Ulan-bator in late evening.
    Price: 120$/pers
    It includes:
    - Transport Ulan-Bator – Orkhon valley –  Ulan-Bator
    - English speaking translator (only on the  bus transportation)
    - Park entrance fee
     Doesn’t  include:
    - All meals
    - Accommodations
    - For those who wish to stay in a nomadic  family during the event, the extra-cost of 10$/night will be applied. Otherwise  please, bring your own tent
    - All meals are not included in the price,  even if while staying in a nomadic family

    - If you wish, you can rent a horse from  herders for a price of 10-12$/ day.



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