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  Horse Race - Journey of 99 Little Warriors

Horse Race "Journey of 99 Little Warriors"

  1. Date 2012-06-28


    warriorsHorse Race - Journey of 99 Little Warriors "2012"


    Venue: Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape, Uvurkhangai Province


    Mongolians are recognized by the world as nomadic people and young generation of Chingis Khaan. Mongolia has rich cultural heritage regarding tradtional clothing, cuisine and language and philology.Mongolians have unique teaching method to educate children to be good people. Mongolians educated their children through keeping them close to daily lives and daily labors, thanks to which Mongolian children gained knowledge about the environment and loved animals.
    These are the first stages to make the children part of society and be good person.

    It is hard to imagine living of Mongolians and rich history without horse. One of the horse related activities of Mongolians is training horse. In order to ride horse, horse is trained when it is colt .

    There is Mongolian proverb “ “the child is father of a man”, accordingly Mongolians start educating people and domestic animal when they are young through their interest and hobby.

    Therefore “Tsaidam” tour camp of Gerelt Erdem Company is planing to organize the colt race  “Journey of 99 little warriors -2010” second time in August 5, 2010.

    The goal of trip is:

    The goal of colt race “Journey of 99 little warriors -2010” include the following: to promote Mongolia to the world as well as hard work of Mongolian children; to increase number of tourists visiting Mongolia; to have tourists have great impression on race; and to develop new product in Mongolian tourism sector.  

    Tourists visiting the race can enjoy the following:

    ·         To show how Mongolian children, future of the Mongolia, young generation of Chingis and Bilge Khaans,  work hard and how they participate in race

    ·         Three manly game of Mongolian children  

    o   Race of 99 colts

    o   Wrestling of children

    o   Archery competition of children

    ·         To listen to “Giingoo” which is cultural heritage of Mongolians  in live song by 99 young heroes

    ·         Fashion show of hero garments of Mongolians presented by young heroes –children

    ·         Performance of song and dance ensemble “Tsetsegsiin Delbee” ( petals of flowers”.

    Race fee –one tourist  50$ /it covers above services, but it does not cover the lunch./

    Over 120 children and 32 wrestlers participating in the race will be given prizes  in order to encourage all the children for their hard work and make them more self confident . the prize includes:

    ·         School supplies for 99 young warriors  

    ·         Best person to call out the horse in traditional way “ Giingoo”

    ·         Best outfit of the warrior

    ·         First five colts that won the horse race  

    ·         The slowest horse that came last

    ·         Best archer

    ·         4 wreslters –children, winner of the wrestling

    ·         Award for the winner of adult wrestling

    ·         Blue ribbons ( khadag) for 99 colts


    Although the race is intended for tourists as new tour product, it also higlights the education and involvement of children. It encourages children through giving them school supplies ( award is not given to the horse trainers, it is given to the children)    and helping them to spend the summer vacation efficiently which can be considered as investment for the future of Mongolia.

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