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  Horse Festival

Horse Festival "2016"

  1. Date 2012-06-28
    Horse Festival "2016"

    The Aimag Governor has decided to celebrate, “The Horse festival tourism day in August every year in the area of Ulziit soum which is called Sangiin Dalai Lake. So it has been decided to celebrate this festival in the 9th of August, 2016 at 10:00 o’clock. This will include the following activities;

    1.     Competition  for 1 or 2 teams per soums

    • Horse race for 2 year old horse
    • Joroo Mori (a special type of running horse)
    • Catching the horses
    • Lassoing the horses
    • “Guutei ailiin guzeetei huu” (Airag drinking competition)
    • Do you know “Dembee” (the competition)
    • Aravdah (Ten finger game)

    2.     Traditional games /Tourist will involved to take part/                                                                                           

    • Horse race
    • Ankle bone  game
    • Aduu zusleh- (Selecting horse by their colour)

    3.    Exhibition performance

    • Hand made
    • Art playing /horse fiddle/
    • Horse herder show

    4.       Participant organizations 

    • Aimag’s local Government office
    • Aimag Environment
    • Ulziit, Zuunbayan-Ulaan, Khujirt, Kharkhorin, Esonzuil soums’ Government office

    5.      Expense

    • Every participant should pay 50.000 MNT
    • Tourist Companies should pay 80.000 MNT

    Note: The money collected from tourists will be distributed to local citizens for payment for the sheep and goats for dairy products that tourists used.



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