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  “Transit Mongolia - 2017” forum to be held on Apr 7

“Transit Mongolia - 2017” forum to be held on Apr 7

  1. Date 2017-04-05

    The Road and Transport Development Ministry in collaboration with the Mongolian Russian Joint Stock Compant “Ulaanbaatar Railway” will organize a “Transit Mongolia – 2017” Mongolia, the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, three countries joint forum on the 7th of April 2017 in Beijing.

    During the forum, the Director of the Railway and Seat Transport Policy Implementation Coordination Department of the Road and Transport Development Ministry B.Artur will present on the “Current Situation of the Mongolian Railway Sector” and the coordination of the initiatives “Prairie Road” and “Belt and Road”.

    Specifically, we will introduce our potential and resources and will discuss future development policy, railway transit freight, border crossing, and the cooperation between the freight forwarders, railway ports and sea ports for the development of transit freight.

    Additionally, colleagues from the PRC and the Russian Federation will be presenting PRC’s cooperation with Mongolia and the Russian Federation in the railway sector and transit freight respectively.

    Moreover, the forum will be attended by government organizations, carriers, consignors, consignees, border, and customs administrations of the three countries.

    Mongolian Program on Establishing an Economic Corridor:

    Under the Mongolian Government’s Sustainable Development Agenda – 2030 policy, objectives have been set to ensure economic growth and to develop road, transport and logistics network as well as transit freight.

    Located between two great empires, Mongolia will not only be connecting its two neighbors, but also will be serving as the shortest route to connect Asia and Europe. In the recent years, the volume of trade and investment between the three countries, Mongolia, Russia, and China, have been consistently increasing. In 2015 the trade turnover of Mongolia and China reached 7.3 billion USD and the trade turnover of China and Russia reached 64.2 billion USD.

    The amount of investment by Chinese companies into Mongolia and Russia were 4 billion USD and 33 billion USD respectively and major projects and programs are underway.



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