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  Dinosaur museum displays fossils returned from USA

Dinosaur museum displays fossils returned from USA

  1. Date 2017-05-23 /A.Narantsatsral/

    In scope of the World museum day, Mongolian Dinosaur Museum opened a new hall named Mesozoic era which exhibits the returned dinosaur fossils and findings that were illegally exported out of Mongolia to the USA. 

    "We displayed more than 10 fossils in our new hall. A bactrosaur skull was placed in the middle of the hall. Moreover, we have eggs and embryos of protoceratops and gallimimus", said the Director of the Dinosaur Museum N.Javzmaa. 

    In 2016, a working group established jointly with the Ministry of Education and Science and Cultural Department brought back the fossils from the USA without legal disputes. 

    In addition, the centerpiece of the museum is a 3m-tall, 5-tonne, flesh eating Tyrannosaurs Bataar, a cousin of T-Rex. This particular specimen made international headlines in 2012 when it sold for over USD 1 million at an auction in Texas. The Government of Mongolia protested that the fossil had been illegally smuggled out of Mongolia and demanded its return. The legal battle ended when a US judge ruled in favor of Mongolia.

    Working hours: Daily 10AM - 7PM (Summer timetable from May 15 - Sep 15)
    Address: Former Lenin Museum, Independence square, 5th khoroo, Chingeltei district
    Inquiry: (+976 - 11) 7000171
    Ticket: Adult - MNT 3,000, Student - MNT 1,000, Child - MNT 500, Photo - MNT 5,000

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