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  Chuluut Canyon Skywalk under construction

Chuluut Canyon Skywalk under construction

  1. Date 2017-05-23

    Canyon of Chuluut, located in Arkhangai aimag, is a key tourist attraction of Mongolia. 150-meter long glass bridge is being built over the canyon. The project executors say it will be commissioned by Naadam, the biggest traditional festival of Mongolia observed in July.

    The skywalk is being made in frames of a project called Khusliin Tour (Dream Tour), which is creating a glass eco-park for travelers, incorporating the skywalk, a mirror maze, steps leading down to the bottom of the canyon to Chuluut River and air slide. The project team plans to entertain the travelers with moto-shows, as well.

    Also, within the project, tour camps, one of which will be luxurious and the other, regular. These camps will have 20 glass Gers (tradition dwellings) and 10 ordinary Gers. They are building parking spaces for around 800 vehicles.

    The glass bridge will be the fourth skywalk in the world, says the project team. It costs MNT 2.2 billion.

    The project team says any foreign or national investors are welcome for cooperation.
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