Booking  Process


  Having introduced with general  information of your ger camp, now it is time to get your ger. During the  reservation process you would make a choice on the followings:
  Breakfast is included in the ger price, and lunch,  dinner are optional.
  Additional  Service
  It is possible to reserve your favorite  activity with exact date, duration and number of people.
  Request  Food
  Similar to additional services, you can  get the request food with exact date, duration, and number of people.
  Transfer  Service
  The transfer is available for  specific hot destinations. You can upload the transfer information including  accommodation, flight, train number and time.


Reservation  on behalf of somebody


Please  note that if you are booking on behalf of someone else, you must ensure that  such person receives a copy of Mongolian Online Ger Camp Reservation  Confirmation. You also undertake to us that such person will comply with all  requirements set out in Terms and Condition.
You  will be responsible for bearing any cost incurred as a result of cancellation  or the relevant person's non-attendance at a ger camp. We are unable to provide  refunds other than to those customers who have booked directly with us.

If  you have any doubt that anyone for whom you are booking a ger camp is or may  not be able to comply with any of the terms of the Agreement, please do not  proceed with that booking and advise such person to book direct or contact our sales  team.



Credit Card:


Our Online Booking System accepts only Visa  and Master cards. All of the ger, meals, request food, transfer service payment  will be charged from your credit card except additional service.                                                                                                                                    

Via: Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code  technology administered by Trade and Development Bank.


              Bank Wire Transfer:


If you encounter a  problem with the credit card payment, please contact Customer Support Center and proceed the reservation by e-mail. In this case you can solve the problem  or take another alternative to pay by bank. We accept – Bank Transmission, Money  Gram and Western Union Service.

            Cash Payment on or before departure:
Should you wish to pay the additional service  balance on day on your arrival, and then please note the Mongolian ger camps do  not have credit card machines on hand, payment will have to be cash only.


                 understands that system  and data security is a top priority for our customers. We take extensive  measures to ensure the integrity of our systems and to secure and protect  customers and customer data. We safeguard our customers’ information on secure  systems with restricted access and have implemented appropriate security  controls to protect the information when it is stored or transmitted by us. will not sell, or allow  third parties access to your information without your approval.  However, we must pass your information on to  the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements - transportation.
 For more details,  you should see our Privacy Policy.


                   Instant confirmation on bookings ensures that you'll enjoy peace of mind the very moment your bookings are made. After you have booked the ger camp, Mongolian Online Ger Camp Reservation Confirmation e-mail includes a voucher containing the dates and other details of your booking information will be sent to you. Please show the confirmation to the reception upon your check in.

                   If you want to check your reservation, you should enter your confirmation number and your valid e-mail address on the section “Manage Your Booking” and submit.



If you are unable to receive the ger camps service, please use “Manage My Booking”, so that you can cancel your booking. The Policy and refund information is written comprehensive on the Mongolian Online Ger Camp Reservation Confirmation. You can have free cancelation if cancel the reservation earlier. 

You may modify your reservation including changing dates, accommodation types, and/or number of accommodation. So please enter “Manage My Booking” using your booking confirmation ID and e-mail address.
 The modifications are at no cost and if you manage your cancellation before the start of the late cancellation period.


Ger Prices - The price of ger camp bookings will be as quoted on the site from time to time, except in cases of obvious error. These prices include breakfast and VAT. Prices may change at any time but changes will not affect orders in respect of which Mongolian Online Ger Camp Network has already sent a confirmation email.


Services - Additional services, request food and transfer service prices are shown during the booking process.  


Single Supplement Price - If you want stay in a ger by yourself, you should pay single supplement price which has additional price.


              Payment By cash - The additional payment will be paid after your arrival at tourist ger camp. So please make sure that you have enough cash to make additional service payment at ger camps.


             Staff - One of the things you should know is that most of the ger camps (but not all) staff is not English speaking.


             Rest Room – Please make sure that most of the ger camps do not have a private shower, bath or WC. Although separate from the gers, the rest rooms are western style. On the contrast, there are ger camps which have public WC which is located outside.