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  Zorgol Khairkhan maountain Ar Burd Sand - Ar Burd Sand Ger Camp Tuv aimag

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  1. Ar Burd Sand Ger Camp
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    Location The Nearest Gobi


    After the democratic revolution in 1989, there arose the opportunity for private tour companies to operate in Mongolia.  We started our famous steppe horse riding treks for some of those tour operators in 1995, and in 2001 we opened the Arburd Sands tourist camp. As members of several well-known nomadic horse-training families, we are experienced trainers and breeders, and have won 12 horse racing medals at the Naadam festival. We also have 15 years of experience leading horseriding expeditions in the Gobi, Central, Eastern and Western regions of Mongolia. We employ friendly and experienced local nomads to guide a variety of exciting horse and camel treks.

    Batbadrakh, one of the camp founders, started participating in horse races when he was 5. He won gold medals in the national Naadam Festival in 1973 and 1975 and the silver medal in 1974. He worked in Japan as a horse trainer for 3 years and now trains horses for the national Naadam festival. He has worked in tourism since 1995.

    Densmaa, camp manager, is fluent in English and completed her English Language course in the USA.

    Our chefs have 20 years’ experience in camp catering and can serve you with a variety of Asian, European, Mongolian and vegetarian foods.

    Our friendly team of guides are all from local nomadic families and some of them are students, who are employed as guides with us during their summer holidays. Riding alongside them you learn much about the nomadic way of life, and will come away with a truly wonderful and authentic cultural experience.

    We will do our best to make your time with us in Mongolia the trip of a lifetime!

    • Bar
    • Free parking
    • Mobile connection of system GSM and CDMA
    • Chess game
    • Standard Felt Ger 38 $
    • Single Supplement Price * 48$

    Note: The ger price is for per person, per night and is included breakfast (Bed and Breakfast).

    *Single Supplement Price is for a single person staying in a ger which has more than 1 bed.
    It is included breakfast and added additional charge.

    • Spa and Wellness center
    • Sport Game
    • Anklebone game
    • Mongolian Nomadic games
    • Binoculars, spotting scope rentals for wildlife viewing
    • Mountain bike rentals
    • Camel riding
    • Canoeing
    • Local guide
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    The Arburd Sands Tourist camp is located in southwestof Ulaanbaatar (the capital city of Mongolia). 

    There is a maximum capacity of 32 guests in double occupancy gers. Vehicles are parked a short walk away from the gers. The entire camp is fully collapsible and there is a small library, shower and drop toilet facilities.

    For tourists staying in the camp, the following are included in the price: archery, camel-riding, “airag” (local fermented mares’ milk), traditionally brewed Mongolian vodka and use of the ‘’ger’’. Mutton and goat barbecues (khor-khog) are available on request.

    The camp runs entirely on solar power. The camp also has Mobicom mobile phone network reception (the widest telecommunication network in Mongolia).

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