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  Ongi Ger camp

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  1. Ongi Monastery Ger Camp
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    Location Ongi Monastery


    /A Carefree relaxing environment/

    The “Secret of Ongi” tourist camp is located in Saikhan Ovoo sum, Dundgobi province, longitude 104002’55” and latitude 45019’57”; a 217 mile drive on paved road followed by a 105.4 mile drive by improved country road from Ulaanbaatar.  

    45 gers can accommodate up to 100 guests at the same time in the comfortable and relaxing traditional nomadic yurts.

    Able to serve up to 120 people at once with both Mongolian and European meals in a restaurant with remarkable architecture and built of natural wood and stone. Altan Jim’s Products /Golden Fruit/ made with yellow berries are served exclusively in our restaurant

    Toilet, shower and other facilities: Like other normal tourist camps, the TC has a separate concrete building of public toilet and hot shower rooms. Also it has Finnish sauna and its relaxing massage is possible in here. You can wash your car. It is free of charge. Souvenir shop is located inside of main building. Main dining hall has satellite TV and it is possible you can watch world class TV channels. Internet connection is possible and you will pay by using time to reception. The public shower has 15 rooms in man side and woman side is 14 that is quite enough number.

    Tour & Activities: From this TC you can do a day tour to Ongiin khiid and its ruins and explore a rock drawings near to the site. Also, if you like you can swim in Ongi river and do great hiking. Also the tourist camp's staffs performance traditional costumes show in every evening after dinner and it is free of charge. 

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    • Asian and Western Restaurant
    • Laundry
    • Internet service
    • Sauna and massage
    • Free parking
    • Electricity at fixed time
    • Electricity 380V 220V 24 hours
    • G Mobile access
    • Modern bathroom& shower
    • Souvenier shop
    • Information center
    • Asian & Western Restaurant
    • Western Style Hot Shower & Washing Facilities
    • Western Style WC
    • Wooden Houses with Open Fireplaces
    • Western Style Hot Shower & washing Facilities
    • Standard Felt Ger 53 $
    • Standard Felt Ger 58 $
    • Single Supplement Price * 20$

    Note: The ger price is for per person, per night and is included breakfast (Bed and Breakfast).

    *Single Supplement Price is for a single person staying in a ger which has more than 1 bed.
    It is included breakfast and added additional charge.

    • Oriental Relaxing Massage and Sauna
    • Luggage storage
    • Laundry service
    • Films about Mongolia
    • Information center
    • Taking photo with wearing traditional clothes
    • Anklebone game
    • Internet Connection
    • Built traditional Ger
    • Play ankle bone game
    • Traditional cuisine khorkhig, boodog
    • Visit in Nomadic family
    • shaman-ceremony
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    Distinction and advantage:

    • Open four seasons
    • The secret of the 250 year old Ongi temple will be revealed
    • Enables you to feel the high concentration of earth energy in the area, chosen by reincarnated monks of the temple
    • Architecture of the  tourist camp buildings reflects style of the ancient temples
    • Hygienic, convenient public services and sauna massage in the middle of Gobi Desert
    • Locally grown vegetables in Gobi desert soil; as well as meat and dairy products supplied by contracted local herders to provide ecologically healthy food for our guests.
    • Traditional Mongolian gers for a delightful stay
    • Connected with central power
    • Signal for G-mobile and Skytel telephone lines 
    • Fresh water from a 107 meter deep artesian well
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