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  Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in Bayan-Ulgii, Mongolia

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park

  1. Altai Tavan Bogd National park Mongol Altai Mountain range is one of the three main mountain ranges in Mongolia and the highest peaks in Mongolia are all situated in this range. Range continued more than 900 kilometers. Altai Tavan Bogd and Tsambagarav Mountains are the highest peaks of the West Altai mountain chain. Huiten peak in Altai Tavan Bogd is the highest point of Mongolia

    Getting There
    Length of the way:  After arrived in Ulaanbaatar, you need to get Ulgii first (1709km). Then you should go to Tsengel soum which is jumping off point for the southern part of the park.
    The main road from Tsengel leads 38 km south to the bridge over Khocd River and then continues 33 km to the junction of Khoton and Khurgan lakes, where there is a bridge across the wide water channel between 2 lakes.
    One of scenic route takes you from Sagsai over a pass and up the beautiful Khargantain Gol Valley, past Tsengel Khairkhan Ul Khairkhan Uul and down to Dayan Nuur    
    Duration of the travel: 3 and a half hours by plane to Ulgii
    From Ulgii to Tsengel soum would take up to an hour.

    Best Travelling Way



    Flight: Aero Mongolia, MIAT and Eznis share the Ulaanbaatar and Ulgii route. Schedules are erratic so you’ll need to call and find out who is flying. The flight provides breathtaking views of glacier-wrapped peaks as you approach Ulgii. The airport is 6 km north of the city center. There is no bus, but it is possible to hitch a ride in a truck or on the back of motorcycle.


    Transfer: it is possible to drive from Dayan Nuur to Buyant by jeep, but you will need an experienced driver who knows the way.


    -Hiking in northwest of Khoton Nuur


    -Rafting trips down Khoton Lake Skiing,

    -Fishing – needed to take permisstion

    -Trekking and camping in Khoton Lake, Ulaan Tolgoi(Red Head), -Horse and camel trekking in Khurgan, Khoton lakes region -Kayak and rafting – Khoton Nuur

    -Learning about and experiencing the unique khazakh culture of the area and visit Eagle hunting Nomadic family


    On the Way Destination



    Hagiin Pass (Hagin Davaa)

    White River

    Shiveet Khairkhan MountainTsagaan Khairkhan uul
    Khargantin Gol valley
    Tsengel Khairkhan Mountain
    Khovd River



    Main Visit Sites

    Snake Valley
    Khurgan Lake
    Shiveer Maountain – petroglyphs depicting wild animals and hunting scenes
    Khoton Lake
    Khurgan Lake
    Khovd River
    Siberian Ibex
    Petrolgyphs of hun

                                    Hot Springs – Rashany Ikh Mountain

    On a Map



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