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  Amarbayasgalant Monastery in Selenge, Mongolia

Amarbaysgalant Monastery

  1. The complex of Amarbayasgalant Monastery was built during 1727-1736, in the honour of Under Gegeen Zanabazar, the first Bogd of Mongolia. It is situated in the cul-de-sac of a long, deep valley backed by the sheef cliff of Burenkhan Mountain against which Amarbayasgalant monastery is built. The valley is well-watered by the Evin River and has long been renown for its rich vegetation in this arid part of north central Asia.The valley is covered throughout its extent with Turkic-era graves of various geometric shapes marked out in large boulders. These important archaeological features which date from the 3rd-7th centuries are the indication that the valley has long-standing sacred associations for the people of Mongolia, associations which continued uninterupted into the Buddhist era when the were re-validated by the construction of Amarbayasgalant Monastery on this historic site.

    Getting There


    Length of the way: Amarbayasgalant  Monastery is 350 km away from Ulaanbaatar. And  60km from Erdenet.
    There are plenty of ways to reach Amarbaysgalant Monastaery except flight. You can make choice from public or private transportation.

    Duration of the travel: 4-6 hours from Ulaanbaatar to Amarbaysgalant Monastary by car. The road to Erdenet and Darkhan city is paved.

    Best Travelling Way

    Local Train: Once Amarbayasgalant Monastary is not located on the way, it is better to catch a train to Darkhan and Erdenet city. From there you ould needed another vehicle to get Amarbaysgalant Monasatry.
    Shared Transfer: There are daily buses or micro buses are available from Ulaanbaatar to Darkhan or Erdenet. You can catch the buses from Dragon Bus Stations and Train Station.
    Car Rental Service:One of the alternatives to reach Amarbaysgalant Monastary is to rent vehicles – japan jeeps or minivans from Travel Agencies with driver and tour guide.
    You can continue your trip with the car to further destinations.


    Seeing the Gongoryn Bombani Khural(prayer ceremony) which takes place at AmarbaysgalantTemple in the beginning of August.
    Hiking around the Amarbaysgalant Monastary
    Horseback Riding
    Visiting Nomadic Family
    Bonfire Party

    On the Way Destination

    Via Darkhan city:
    Huge Iron Man Statue
    Many interesting Rock Drawings
    Via Erdenet City:
    Khustai Nuruu National Park
    Tureg Altan Tamga Bichees

    Bulgan and Jargalant provinces

    Main Visit Sites

    Burenkhan Mountain
    Iven River

    Temples – Ayushd, Dorje Shugden, Entrance, Manal, maidar, Narkhajid, Sakyamuni Buddha and furthermore.
    Towers – Bell, Drum
    Tombs – Protector Gods, Zanabazar
    Jaryn Khashuur Stupa
    Screen wall


    On a Map



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    Location: Amarbaysgalant Monastery
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