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  Dariganga in Sukhbaatar, Mongolia


  1. The vast grasslands of Dariganga are speckled with volcanic craters, small lakes and sand dunes, the sum of which makes the area one of the most scenic in Eastern Mongolia. In Dariganga you can set off from town explore the lakes, volcanoes, caves, sand dunes and ancient stones nearby. The sacred mountain of Shiliin Bogd Uul is also not too far away.

    Getting There

    Length of the way: Baruun-Urt city is 565 km away from Ulaanbaatar. From Baruun-urt to Dariganga is 187 km.

    Duration of the travel: The road to Undurkhaan (Khentii ) is paved and from Undurkhaan to Dariganga soum is dust. You will drive more to Dariganga for more than 8 hours.

    Best Travelling Way

    Car Rental Service: Once it is impossible to reach Dariganga by shared or public transportation, it is better to hire japan jeep or minivan from Travel Agencies in Ulaanbaatar with driver and tour guide if you want. The advantage hiring cars is you should make your own itinerary.


    Hiking (needed permit to enter Dariganga and Shiliin Bogd)
    Horse riding

    Seeing beautiful sunrise from Shliin Bogd Mountain


    On the Way Destination

    Tsonjin Boldog Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue
    Gun Galuut Nature reserve
    Duulga Mountain
    Undurkhaan city

    Baruun-Urt city

    Main Visit Sites

    Shiliin Bogd Mountain
    Kholboo Nuur
    Tsagaan Nuur
    Ganga Nuur Lake – home to swans and on the shore you will find spring water.
    Moltsog Els Sand Dune
    Beautiful Vast Grasslands
    Balbals – dating back 13th or 14th century.
    Ovoon Khiid Monastery
    Gangiin Tsagaan mountain

    Altan Ovoo(Golden ovoo) – topped by a stupa, which only men are allowed to visit.


    On a Map



    Destinations Gallery
  1. Shiliin Bogd Tourist Camp
    Review score:
    From $ 40
    Location: Dariganga
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