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  Dornod Mongolian Steppe in Dornod, Mongolia

Dornod Mongolian Steppe

  1. Dornod is currently the base of a multi-million dollar environmental protection project, which is researching everything from fires to field mice in an attempt to protect one of the world's last undisturbed grasslands. Three large Strictly Protected Areas (SPA) were established in the aimag in 1992.

    Getting There


     Length of the way:  It is 662 km from Ulaanbaatar to Choibalsan city.
    You can have a flight to Choibalsan and go to Dornod Mongolian Steppe by car.

    Duration of the travel: an hour and a half to Choibalsan by plane

    Best Travelling Way

    Domestic Flight: Eznis plane flies between Ulaanbaatar and Choibalsan on every Monday and Sunday for round way.
    Mongolian Airlines Group have a flight on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

    Car Rental Service: If you have planned to visit many destinations, it is suitable to rent cars from Travel Agencies which would be one of the good way to explore Mongolia on the way to Dornod Mongolian Steppe.


    Hiking in Dornod Mongolian Vast Steppe
    Seeing white-tailed gazelles in Dornod Mongolian Steppe
    Visiting Nomadic Family
    Introducing with Mongolian Real Culture
    Playing Mongolian Traditional Games
    Riding Horses


    On the Way Destination

    Tsonjin Boldog EquestrianGenghis Khaan Statue

    Gun Galuut Nature reserve

    Tsenkheriin River

    Undurkhaan city

    Khukh Chuluut Mountain

    Beautiful Black IbexMountain

    Toson Khulstai Nature Reserve

    Choibalsan City


    Main Visit Sites

    Wildlife of White - tailed Gazelles
    Utaat Minchuur Spring
    Kherlen Rive
    Ereen Tsaviin Valley
    Tsagaan Khurgalj Lake
    Khoyor Melkhiin lake

    Tugul Lake



    On a Map



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