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  Eej Khairkhan Nature Reserve in Gobi-Altai, Mongolia

Eej Khairkhan Nature Reserve

  1. Hiking through the Eej Khairkhan Nature Reserve that took more than 100 years in making is a surreal experience. Eej Khairkhan mountain at 2,275 m is located in Gobi-Altai aimag north of the Great Gobi Strictly Protected Area. Eej Khairkhan Nature Reserve came under state protection in 1992. For centuries, eej Khairkhan Mountain was revered and worshipped by the locals in their belief that Eej Khairkhan mountain blessed families with children. The nine green framed stone pools and paintings of ibex, horsemen, and archers are some of the attractions for nature lovers.

    Getting There

     Length of the way: Altai is 1037 km away from Ulaanbaatar. Eej Khairkhan Mountain is about 150km directly south of Altai.  

    Duration of the travel:  The flight to Altai is for 2 hours.

    And travelling by car on the dust road, you will see a lot of beautiful things on the way to Eej Khairkhan Mountain and it requires more than 10 days if you stop overnight at ger camps.

    Best Travelling Way

    Flight: Eznis and Aero Mongolia airplane flies between Ulaanbaatar and Altai on every Monday, Thursday and Sunday.  

    Private Transportation: Once it is not possible to reach Altai by public transportation, you can hire Japan jeep or minivans from Travel Agencies in Ulaanbaatar with experienced drivers and tour guides. And better to make your own itinerary.





    Interesting tales and legend about Eej Khairkhan Mountain,
    Horse Riding  in Eej Khairkhan Mountain
    Camel Riding
    Hiking in Eej Khairkhan Uul (Mountain)         
    Climbing in Eej Khairkhan Mountain
    Visiting Nomadic family
    Drinking yaks milk at Nomadic family

    Seeing rare animals and plants in Eej Khairkhan Uul(Mountain)


    On the Way Destination

    From Ulaanbaatar to Altai by car:
    Khustai National Park
    Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes
    Kharkhorin and Erdenzuu Monastery
    Orkhon Waterfall
    Khuisiin Naiman Nuur (Lake)
    Bayankhongor city
    Buutsagaan Nuur(Lake)
    Taigan Nuur(Lake)
    From Altai to Eej Khairkhan Mountain:
    Gobi Altai Mountains
    Duutiin Davaa (Pass)
    Tsogt soum – you will know about legendary person Dambijantsan lived here
    Ureltiin Davaa
    Biger KhonkhorDepression – Bayan Buural Monastery, Bichigt Buust ancient rock paintings

    Main Visit Sites

    The rare zamba gurvel(lizard)
    Aj Bogd Mountain
    Burkhan Buudai Mountain – snow leaopard
    Waterfall near the White Gate
    Bogd Tsakhir Mountain
    Khurkhreet Tsakhir River -
    Nine Green Framed Stone Pools
    Two White Camel Lama – Ravdan’s retreat

    Tsoojiin River

    On a Map



    Destinations Gallery
  1. Juulchin Altai Ger Camp
    Review score:
    From $ 40
    Location: Eej Khairkhan Nature Reserve
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