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  Kamryn Khiid The Energy Centre in Dornogobi, Mongolia

Khamryn Khiid The Energy Centre

  1. This reconstructed monastery has grown up around cult of Danzan Ravjaa whom many locals believe to have been living god. His image is sewn into carpet that hangs in the main hall. The original monastery and three storey theatre, built by Danzan Ravjaa in 1821 was destroyed in 1930s. Water from the spring nearby is said to hold curative properties.

    Getting There

    Length of the way: It is 450 km from Ulaanbaatar to Sainshand and 40km from Sainshand to Khamryn Khiid.
    You can catch a daily train to Sainshand and from there have a shared transfer to Khamar Monastary or rent a car from Travel Agencies for your whole trip.

      Duration of the travel:  It will be 11 hours train journey to Sainshand.
    And if you choose car, it will be 8 hours to Sainshand. And the road is paved until Choir and dust to Sainshand.

    From Sainshand to Khamar Monastery, it is an hours’ drive.

    Best Travelling Way

    Local Train:  There is  a daily train to Sainshand, via Choir leaves Ulaanbaatar at 09.10AM, arriving at 20.00PM and a train To Zamyn Uud leaving at 4.30PM that arrives 01.50AM in Sainshand.
    Arriving in Sainshand, it is possible to go Khamryn Khiid directly and spend the night there to see the beautiful sunrise or spend the night in a hotel in Sainshand and continue your trip next morning.
    In either way, you will need cars to reach Khamryn Khiid.
    Shared transfer is available to the Monatsary, it costs 10.000 tugrug per person.


    Seeing beautiful sunrise in the morning at Kamar Monastary
    Camel riding
    Horse riding
    Praying for the gods and telling your wishes to the Baynzurkh Mountain

    On the Way Destination

    Musuem of Danzan Ravjaa

    Sainshand aimag



    Main Visit Sites

    Muumun Khad – only women pray and ask for wishes
    Bell Tower – you must strike the bell for 3 times
    Shambhalla – surrounded by 108 stupas
    Grand Stupa
    Medtitation caves
    Rock Trees
    Real dinosaur skeleton
    Bayanzurkh Uul – 23km northwest of the monastery (Women are not allowed to go summit)

    Wishing Ovoo

    On a Map



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    Location: Khamryn Khiid The Energy Centre
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