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  Khar Us Nuur in Khovd, Mongolia

Khar Us Nuur

  1. Khar Us Nuur (Dark Water Lake) is the second freshwater lake (15.800sq km) in Mongolia but with an average depth of only 4m. Khovd Gol flows into this lake, creating giant marsh delta. Khar Us Nuur Lake is perfect habitat for wild ducks, geese, wood grouse, partridges and seagulls, including rare relict gulls and herring gulls. For the Birdwatchers it would the best idea to get this lake.

    Getting There


    Length of the way: 1488km from Ulaanbaatar to Khovd city. From Khovd to Khar Us Nuur it is 40 km.

    Duration of the travel: Travelling to Khovd by plane is more than 3 hours. It would take up to 50 hours to reach Khovd city by cars. So it is better to fly to Khovd directly which can save both time and sanity.


    Best Travelling Way


    Flight: On every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday Eznis airplane flies from Ulaanbaatar to Khovd. Aeroplane flight is available on every Wednesday and Friday for round way.

    Car Rental Service: If you want more adventurous and long trip, you should rent japan jeep and minvans from Travel Agencies with driver and tour guides. It would be needed more than 10 days to travel to Khar Us lake by cars.



    Birdwatching is better in May and late August.
    Swimming in Durgun Nuur
    Hiking around Khar Us Nuur Lake
    Visiting Nomadic Family
    Rock Climbing
    Trekking on horses and camels


    On the Way Destination

    By car to Khar Us Nuur Lake:
    Khustai Nuruu National Park
    Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes
    Kharkhorin and Erdenzuu Monastery
    Taikhar Rock
    Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park

    Tarvagatain Nuruu
    Uliastai City          
    By Lake:

    Khovd City


    Main Visit Sites

    Rare Species – Altay Mountain sheep or argali, Siberian ibex, snow leopard and black stork
    Wild ducks, geese, wood grouse, partridges, and seagulls
    Chono Khairkhan Khavtsal
     Durgun Nuur
    Dalai Nuur
    Jargalant Khairkhan Mountain
    Yargaityn ekh Mountain

    On a Map



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