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  Khuvsgul Lake National Park in Khuvsgul, Mongolia

Khuvsgul Lake National Park

  1. Khuvsgul Lake is known as Dark Blue Pearl among beautiful mountains. Khuvsgul Lake is the perfect place to have vacation, kayaking, canoeing, hiking and trekking. Lake Khuvsgul is Mongolia 's largest and deepest lake. Located in the northernmost province, Khuvsgul Lake is the largest tributary stream of Lake Baikal in Russia. 96 rivers and streams flow out of Huvsgul, among them the Egiin River.

    Getting There


     Length of the way: It is 683 km from Ulaanbaatar to Murun city. The Murun airport is 5 km away from the aimag centre.

     Duration of the travel: To reach Murun city by plane for an hour and a half. You will drive another 3 hours from Murun city to Khuvsgul Lake.

    If you want travel to Khuvsgul lake by car and see Mongolian hot destinations on the way, it would at least 10 days. You can spend overnights in tourist ger camps.


    Best Travelling Way


    Flight:The flight from Ulaanbaatar to Murun is available on everyday by EZNis, Mongolian Airlines Group and Aero Mongolia.

    Car Rental Service:If you have time and want to explore real Mongolia, you should rent car from Travel Agencies in Mongolia with driver and tour guide. You can have your own itinerary and see Mongolian hot tourist destinations on the way.



    Trekking to Khuvsgul Lake
    Seeing a shamanism ceremony,
    fishing in Khuvsgul lake will be needed to take permission,
    Horseback and yakbacj riding
    Visiting Reindeer herders’ family
    Hiking  around Khuvsgul Kae

    Cycle Touring



    On the Way Destination

    Khustai Nuruu National Park
    Ugii Lake
    Taikhar Rock
    Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park
    Jargal Jiguur Hot Spring
    Murun City

    Erkhel Lake


    Main Visit Sites

    Bulnay Mineral water
    Springs – Khar Us, Boostog etc.
    Khoridog Saridag Mountain
    Bayan Mounatin Range
    Four Islands – Modon Khui, Khadan Khui, Dalain Khui and Baga Khui

    Species of fish – omul, herring, lenok, grayling, perch and roach

    On a Map



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