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  The Nearest Gobi in Tuv, Mongolia

The Nearest Gobi

  1. The area is in the transition zone of the steppe and the Gobi Desert. This is the real heartland of the Central Asian nomads, with sand dunes, wide steppe and treeless rocky mountains. There is no permanent development, and the only inhabitants of the area stretching for a radius of 50km around the camp are nomadic families living in “ger” tents. There is an oasis called Khutul-Us with diacanthum which ripens in mid-July. Arburd Sands is around 20km long and 2-6 km wide, and is also a wolf hideout. Footprints of wolves can usually be identified. Some 35 km away from the camp are also the Zorgol Hairhan Uul, gigantic rock formations rising from the steppe. This is also the habitat of Argali Sheep, wolf, deer and sometimes also Siberian Ibex.

    Getting There

    Length of the way: It is 150 km from Ulaanbaatar to the Nearest Gobi.

    Duration of the travel:  You will drive more than an hour to reach the Nearest gobi.

    Best Travelling Way

    Car Rental Service: There is no other public or shared transportation is available to the Nearest Gobi. This would be suitable to rent cars from Travel Agencies in Ulaanbaatar with drivers and tour guides which is one of the safest ways to travel.


    Horseman mini naadam festival
    Horse Riding Trek
    Camel Ridding Trek
    Visiting Nomadic family
    Trying Mongolian Traditional food


    On the Way Destination

    Manzushir city
    Eej Khad
    Elst Mountain

    Main Visit Sites

    Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain – Giant Rock Formations
    Siberian ibex (Capra sibiica), Argali sheep, deer, gazelle and some birds of prey
    Ikh Kharyn Nuur (lake)

    On a Map



    Destinations Gallery
  1. Ar Burd Sand Tourist Camp
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    From $ 42
    Location: The Nearest Gobi
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