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  Orog Lake in Bayankhongor, Mongolia

Orog lake

  1. The salt water Orog Nuur is at the end of the Tuin Gol, which passes through Bayankhongor city. Also referred to as Shar Burd Nuur, the lake is a good place to watch birdlife. It is nestled in the foothills of Ikh Bogd Uul (3957m) in Bogd sum, a four hour, 110km drive South of Bayankhongor city.

    Getting There

    Length of the way: 620 km from Ulaanbaatar to Bayankhongor province and 100 km from Bayankhongor  to Orog Lake.
    There are 3 main options to get Bayankhongor city and Orog Lake.
    -Flight to Bayankhongor and transfer to Orog Lake (The airport is about 1km south of the city)
    -Bus to Bayankhongor city and transfer to Orog Lake
    -Go to Orog Lake directly by private vehicle.


            Duration of the travel: an hour and a half by plane to Baynkhongor

    It takes 12 hours to reach Bayankhongor by bus.

    Best Travelling Way

    Bus: A daily bus to Baynkhongor departs  at 8.00 PM and 14.00PM from Dragon Bus Station. It costs 27.000 tugrug per person. This would be 12 hours journey. So you will arrive at Bayankhongor late in the evening, should stay at hotel at the aimag centre and continue your journey after a rest.

    Vehicles: You can have a taxi costs 500 tugrug per kilometer to reach in Bayankhongor or have private cars from Travel agencies. They can provide you by jeeps, minivans with good drivers.

    Flight: On Monday and Sunday, EZNIs flies between Ulaanbaatar and Bayankhongor.

    On Monday and Friday, Mongolian Airlines Group has a flight from Ulaanbaatar to Bayankhongor.


    All of the followings are suitable to do at Orog Nuur:
    Bird Watching
    Wildlife watching



    On the Way Destination

    Ugii Lake


    Bayankhongor city

    Boon Tsagaan lake

    Baidrag River



    Main Visit Sites

    Ikh Bogd Mountain
    Tuin River
    Relic Gull, Whooper Swan and Geese,Pallas’s Fish Eagle, Richard’s Pipits ,Common Snipe, Trumpeter Finches ,Water Pipit, Water Rail, Citrine Wagtail, White-winged Black Terns

    Saxual, caragana, elms, some fruit trees and glycyrrhiza

    On a Map



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    Review score:
    From $ 39
    Location: Orog lake
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