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  Uran Togoo Tulga Uul Natural Monument in Bulgan, Mongolia

Uran Togoo Tulga Uul Natural Monument

  1. This extinct volcano lies near the road, and stretches from Bulgan town to Moron, administrative city of Huvsgul province for 80 kilometers northwest of Bulgan town through the territory of Kutag- Undur Soum. The reserve occupies a territory of 8 square kilometers with an elevation of 1,686 meters above sea level. It has been protected since 1965, and today enjoys the statue of “ Natural Monument ”.

    Getting There

      Length of the way: It is 318 km from Ulaanbaatar to Bulgan directly, 467km UB-Darkhan-Erdenet-Bulgan and Uran Togoo Uul is 60km from Bulgan .
    There are 2 alternatives of transportation:
    -Get train to Erdenet and transfer to Uran Uul
    -Get private vehicle and go to Uran Uul directly.          

      Duration of the travel: 12 hours by train to Erdenet and approximately 4 hours by car to Uran Togoo Tulga Uul.

    Best Travelling Way


    Car Rental: If you want more adventurous tour, you should rent cars from Travel Agencies which is the most secure way. Make your own way with an experienced drivers.

    Local Train: A daily train to Erdenet city departs at 20.20PM. The second class ticket is available.


    Hiking and walking is suitable for Uran Togoo Tulga Uul Nature Monument  to explore the beautiful nature.

    On the Way Destination

    Iron Man



    Main Visit Sites

    Dulaan Khaan Uul
    Nomogn Uul
    Namnan uul
    Burgatay Uul
    Hushuutu Buluu UUl
    Dulaan Har Uul
    Tulga Mountain

    Animals: Red deer, Argali, Wild boar, Siberian Ibex, ruddy Shelduck, and duck are found in this area

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