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  Uvs Lake in Uvs, Mongolia

Uvs Lake

  1. Uvs Nuur is a gigantic inland sea in the middle of desert. The lake’s surface occupies 3423 sq km, Making it Mongolia’s largest lake, though it’s very shallow at an average depth of 12m. (still, legend has it that the lake is bottomless.) Uvs lake is five times salter than ocean and devoid of edible fish. It has no outlet so lot of the shoreline is quasi – wetland.

    Getting There

     Length of the way: Ulaangom city is 1417 km away from Ulaanbaatar.  It is 40 km from Ulaangom city to Uvs lake.

    Duration of the travel:  If you choose flight to Ulaangom, it is needed more than 3 hours and an hour from airport to Uvs lake by car.  And travelling by car to Uvs lake is needed more than 10 days including overnights at ger camps on the way.

    Best Travelling Way

    Domestic Flight: There are flights available to Ulaangom on every Wednesday and Sunday. Eznis and Aero Mongolia flies between Ulaangom and Ulaanbaatar for roundway.

    Car Rental Service:One of the good alternatives you canhave is that renting cars from Travel Agencies with driver and tour guides. You will explore Mongolian hot destinations on the way.


    The following Uvs Lake activities will make your trip more interesting:

    Trekking, Horse Riding, Camel Riding, Rafting, kayaking, Climbing, Hiking, photographing, filming, Bird watching,


    On the Way Destination

    Khustain Nuruu National park
    Ugii lake
    Bulgan Mountain
    Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park
    Jargal Jiguur Hot Spring

    Khyargas Lake

    Main Visit Sites

    Nariin River
    Tes River
    Kharkhiraa River
    Sangil River
    Numerous rare species-black stork, osprey, white tailed eagle, whooper swan, black headed gull

    More than 100 pairs of Spoonbills bredd in this region.

    On a Map



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