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    Help and FAQ


    General Information

    Ger types

    Searching Tourist Ger Camps

    Rates and pricing

    Booking Process

    Payments/Credit cards

    Booking Confirmation

    Ger Camp Policies

    Reservation Amendment/Cancellation

    Ratings and Reviews

    Reaching Ger Camps


    General Information

    Q:What is a ger camp?

    A:A Ger is considered one of the amazing heritage from ancestors which has really good structure and suitable for nomadic lifestyle. Mongolians still live in their traditional dwelling ger.

    Round shaped ger has many advantages – easy to build, safe in natural disaster (earthquake), no bad energy accumulation etc.

    Ger camp can be similar to Bed and Breakfast (B&B) and is the place where you can stay in Mongolian Traditional ger, wooden houses and have many entertaining activities while exploring Mongolian Beautiful Nature. Mongolian ger camps have both traditional and European styled facilities.


    Q:What are the main facilities in ger camp?

    A: Mongolian Tourist ger camps has modern facilities including mobile access, shops, bars, conference hall, restaurants, laundry service, entertaining activities.


    Ger types

    Q:What the difference is between felt and block ger?

    A: There is no big difference between these gers. One is built by felt and another is built by


    Q:What is wooden house like?

    A: If you want to stay in a room and feel Mongolian Beauty of Nature, you can stay in wooden house. It is similar to hotels.


    Q:Is it possible to stay in gers with private shower and toilet?

    A: Unfortunately, most of the gers do not have private shower and toilet.


    Searching Tourist Ger Camps

    Q:Where can I see how much ger camps cost?

    A: In ger camp general information, there is a tab written “Prices” where you can see detailed information of ger camps.


    Q:How do I find only available ger camps for the period I want to stay?

    A: In case you enter your travelling date, will show you only the available ger camps for you.


    Q:Is it possible to find ger camps by prices?

    A: Yes. On the right side of the search result page, you can see plenty of filters you can clarify the ger camps. Among them price is available.


    Q:Where is the location of ger camps?

    A: Please see Mongolian Ger Camps location from the “Map of Mongolia”. You can see both Mongolian Tourist Destination and ger camps location.


    Q:Can I have Ger Camps contact information?

    A: Yes. After booked the ger camp, you will get the tourist ger camp contact number via confirmation e-mail.


    Rates and Pricing

    Q:Where can I see the additional service price?

    A: Additional services price will be shown when you are about to choose the services (during reservation process).


    Q:What does the price include?

    A: The prices are included ger bed and breakfast.


    Q:Are the prices shown on your website per person or per ger?

    A: The tourist ger camp price is for per person per night including breakfast.


    Q:Are taxes included in the ger camp prices?

    A: VAT is included in ger camp prices.


    Q:Is breakfast included in the price?

    A: Yes. Breakfast is included in the ger camp price.


    Q:Do I pay full price for my children?

     A: We have a policy for children:

       0-3100% free of charge of ger camp price

       4-850% free of charge of ger camp price


    Booking Process

    Q:How can I make a special request?

    A: During the booking process, additional services and request food suggestion will be displayed with the prices.


    Q:How can I make a group reservation?

    A: Similar to single person booking, you can make group reservation via online. If you have any problems or want reserve ger camps via e-mail please contact our Customer Support Center.


    Payment/Credit cards

    Q:Can I use someone else’s credit card to make a reservation?

    A: Yes. You should have permission from a card holder, you can make a booking. Please note that in case of late cancellation or o show, the card will be charged.


    Q:Do the tourist ger camps have machines to charge my credit card?

    A: No. Please make sure that you have enough cash to make the additional services payment at the tourist ger camps.


    Q:Which credit cards are accepted to the payment?

    A: Our online booking system accepts Visa and Master Cards.


    Q:When will my credit card be charged?

    A: Once it is Real Time Online Booking, the full amount of the payment will be charged from your credit card right before the end of the booking process except additional services payment. 


    Q:Are my credit card details safe?

    A: accepts Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code technology administered by Trade and Development Bank.


    Q:Is there any other way to pay?

    A: Yes. There is a bank wire transfer service available. If you prefer paying by bank, please contact our experts and receive bank receipt information.


    Booking Confirmation

    Q:How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

    A: Finishing the reservation process, you will receive Mongolian Online Ger Camps Reservation Confirmation via email. Then you can print the confirmation and show it to the reception upon your check in.


    Q:What should I do if I have not got confirmation?

    A: First please make sure that you have checked your SPAM e-mail. Or you can contact our Customer Support Center directly.


    Ger Camp Policies

    Q:What are the check in and checkout times for ger camps?

    A: Unlike hotels, there is no


    Q:Can I check early in the morning?

    A: Please inform us that you would check in early in the morning previously. Because the ger you have reserved would not be ready early in the morning.



    Reservation Amendment/Cancellation

    Q:Can I change my reservation through

    A: Yes. Please enter”Manage My Booking” on the right side of top homepage using your booking ID and email address. You can add or change ger type and guests information.


    Q:How do cancel my booking?

    A: Similar to making changes, please enter “Manage My Booking”. You will see button “Cancel My Booking” and click it.


    Q:How do I know that my booking has been cancelled?

    A: Once you have cancelled your reservation with, you will receive Cancellation e-mail.


    Q:Is there any cancellation fee if I cancel my booking?

    A: It depends on the period when you cancel the reservation. If you manage to make the cancellation earlier, you would not have any charge. But late cancellation would need some charge. The cancellation policy is shown on Mongolian Online Ger Camp Reservation Confirmation.


    Q:Where can I find the cancellation policy of the ger camps?

    A: It is written in the Mongolian Online Ger Camps Reservation Confirmation.



    Rating and Reviews

    Q:I want to comment on ger camps service and how can I leave comment?

    A: After you have stayed in ger camps, we will send you the review e-mail with link.


    Q:Who can write review or comment?

    A: Everyone who has visited out website can send their feedback. The guests who have booked ger camps through is able to write reviews on their stayed ger camps.


    Q:Does amend or write the reviews?

    A: We are happy to let our guests let know that we have reviews from our real guests.



    Reaching Ger Camps

    Q:Where can I find the address of ger camp?

    A: Please see the location of ger camps on Map of Mongolia.


    Q:How can we go to ger camps on our own?

    A: Transfer service is available to Mongolian Hot Tourist Destination. So you can book transfer service online. Also you can rent cars with an experienced driver who knows the way to ger camps.


    Q:What if I want shared transfer?

    A: One of the alternatives you reach ger camp is to take public transfer. You can contact our Customer Support Center to take information about the shared transfer service availability.


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