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  1.   helps to find and real-time access to availability, prices and reservation of all tourist ger camps in all the Mongolian regions and mainstream tourist simply select your destination of choice from “Majestic Mongolia” in the menu and you'll see a selection of ger camps.

    You can also use our ger camp Search function (Ger Camps Deals of the Day) to find your favorite ger camp. Type the name of the ger camp you're looking for in the search box and our internal search engine will provide results that match your criteria. You can reserve them at the same moment and receive the confirmation in a few seconds.  If we don't have the ger camp you are looking for, we'll offer lots of suitable alternatives.

    Mongoliagercamps offers are in the budget to luxury ger camps. We usually provide photographs of important features such as the exterior, inside the gers, dining and recreational facilities. Important amenities, amenities and other facilities will be listed on each ger camp page.

    Each ger camps rate page lists our special discounted rates, which are all per room, not per person. Also, be sure to make your reservation for the full duration of your stay. If you do need to extend your stay after arrival, please contact our MongoliaGerCamps Customer Support Specialists.


    Step-by-step instructions on the Tourist Ger Camp reservation process

    (1)   You can use the search form that allows you to specify your criteria, select the desired Tourist Ger Camp.

    (2)   Read the information on the hotel description page about the facility and service, active and amenity.

    (3)   Chose a number of Gers to book most suitable for you in terms of size and price and click the button “Next”

    (4)   Chose a number of guests and fill out the “guest details” form with your personal details and click “Next”

    (5)   If you want to book some additional services in advance, on the next page please chose the additional services in tourist ger camp and write any note

    (6)   On the next page, you can recheck all your booking details and read the conditions of stay, payment and cancellation and confirm it. And then click the button “Booking”

    (7)   On the next page, you need to fill out the form with your card details. accepts payments with VISA and Master Card only and charged for full payment for your ger/room (s) plus transfer, service charge and taxes.

    (8)   Once your payment successfully, you have confirmed your booking, the system will open a page representing all the information about your booking, including your reservation number (ID). Beside this, the same confirmation letter will be sent to your email address.



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